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Supported audio: mod, mp3, mp2, wav, aiff

Holds up to 5000 songs list


  • r - resize window (3 sizes)
  • t - song information (time + filename)
  • i - information window
  • q - quit application

  • left-top corner, hold mouse button and 
  • move window, release saves position


  • BG - change background (12x)
  • TAPE SPEED - visual only
  • REPEAT - repeats current song
  • SHUFFLE - plays songs in random
  • Click c-left VU to change color (8x analog)
  • Click c-right VU to change color (6x digital)
  • Click c-left Reel to change tape reel (9x)


  • Prev, Play, Stop, Pause, Next, Eject
  • Eject - Select new path to your music files



  • AmigaOS3.x
  • AHI
  • RTG 16-bit
  • CPU 250+MIPS
  • 20+MB Free RAM

As usual don't expect a AAA stuff, it's done in AmiBlitz3

Source code in Sourcecodes for AB3 - Amiga AmiBlitz3

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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Guide.lha (Amiga Guide instructions for v1.0) 126 kB
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Hi...tried this on my Pistorm.....800mips rtg 1280x720 32bit....looks nice but really slow....Further testing needed....etc

Hi, fps is set to 6fps in standby and 20fps during playing, runs with/without JIT, just tested in 240mips and runs as it should, let me know if you find anything, and you probably can only get decent speed with minimum windows size, mid & big is demanding something awesome CPU is needed.

Still getting errors when trying to change size although in 1280x720 32 bit it says I'm in 1280x780 8bit...?when you click on OK the system lock's up

yeah AmiBlitz3 error report is strange, I've seen many times it reports totally wrong error, have you tried more RTG memory ? give it at least 16MB

yeh it's set at 8mb.... might it be because the screen is 32bit ? 

maybe, ReelDeck also is double buffered and uses more video ram

This looks very interesting. Is there support planned for MHI output to zz9000AV card for mp3 decoding for classic amigas?

sorry no plans ..


i search for years for a real "cassette" tape emulation, i mean not only a player. i search for sound effekts like a real cassette tape in the past... there are hunderts of VST Audio Plugins for this but not only a little App for this... maybe a idea for you not only amiga, there is no such app on mac or windows.

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Feedback to ReelDeck V0.60:

Hi Sami,

sorry in advance for google translation.

I bought ReelDeck and tested it very briefly on my A1200 with IceDrake and AmigaOS3.2.1, as well as on my X5k with AmigaOS4.1.

It runs fine on my A1200 with IceDrake, but then, despite the 1280x720 screen resolution, it's quite a banger on the screen.

In addition, the sound falters when you open windows, for example, or do something else at the same time.

It also runs on the X5k, loads quickly, but there is no animation of the tape reels there, but the VU levels deviate according to the music.

However, there is a large CPU load here, at least shows me CPU info, around 80%.....

In addition, Reel Deck "wobbles" when you move it on the screen.

I hope this information helps a little to improve ReelDeck.

Greetings from Germany


Thanks for the feedback, I know it's heavy that's why 100+MIPS, it's coded system friendly so there is a big overhead, I hope I'll find someway improving CPU load ect.

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Thank you for the fast answer.
Another thing I noticed, on the X5000, if I move the player to the right edge on the workbench, everything is fine. But when I exit the player and then restart it, no interface appears, but the process is running. I see that based on the CPU load.
I can make a video of it so you can see it better.
Thank you for your work and best regards

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That has Todo with emulation problems. 

Also you are running old version 0.60, 0.63 fixes some issues and brand new 0.71 fixes even more...

great work on the V0.71.

A5k in idle about 10% CPU
when playing unfortunately still about 60-70%
the window wobble when moving has disappeared.
and the player can now also be placed at the edge of the screen and restarts properly after completion, great

I went from 60 to 45 % in playback so surely it uses less CPU, why this not show on x5000 I don't know.