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On arriving at Starbase Boca Chica, the year is 2029. Crew of five will take humans biggest step in history and put humans on mars in 9 months. Then spend 16 month on mars surface and another 9 month journey home to earth. 

In space you can visit asteroids and look for ice. Explore mars for ice and signs of live if there ever was. You have equipment with you to search/convert ice and this is essential for crew survival.  With ice you can produce air, fuel and food.

  Good luck!

Game is text based adventure with some humour in deep space, all typing and selections are presented. No learning!  

About 2hour game play. Game runs in real time...


Freeze during game play may occur when graphics are loaded, this is to keep minimum memory usage!  If your HDD/CPU is slow that to say!


  • AmigaOS3.x 
  • AHI Installed
  • RTG 1280 x 720 Window/Fullscreen 24-bit 
  • Min: CPU 300 MIPS 
  • 60 MB Free RAM

As usual don't expect a AAA stuff, it's done in AmiBlitz3


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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