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(Source code included AmiBlitz3)


Every time I'm to code a new game/app, the first part it's like climbing Mount Everest or something similar, you even might make bad decision and end up rewriting a lot 

I'm trying to overcome some hurdles with this templates...

It's aim is not to teach you anything, it's to speed up your next game dev time and maybe test your ideas !


v0.67 AB3_Template 7 - Börd

Flappy bird clone

v0.63 AB3_Template 6 - Intro II

This has rotation and mirror function in Deathstar action

v0.62 AB3_Template 5 - Intro

Bouncing Deathstar trough space, it's used as intro on my YouTube

v0.66 AB3_Template 4 - Gamemenu  

Totally stripped down menu only code with start game/exit buttons, window/fullscreen switch, 3 resolutions, everything scaled, font changes size as well   

v0.59 AB3_Template III -  Games

Dino runner  

Old West, It's converted from C64 and did some pimping, sound effects, look of it and some code changes like how the text is printed on screen, gameplay is 100% original, if you get stuck there is a old west solution.txt file 

v0.59 AB3_Template II -  Apps

Screen notify


Drop icon on window

v0.59 AB3_Template I - Playground

Change 1920x1080, 1280x720, 960x540, 640x360 resolution

Change depth 16, 24, 32 bit (many cool functions need 16 bit at least so no 8bit)

Lock 25FPS / 50 FPS / 100 FPS / FREE FPS

FullScreen / Window/borderless modes

Stream background audio

Mouse over buttons with execution

Auto Save/Load settings

Settings window

Popup window with message, try this in Old West in 640x360 it will popup


Playground, test animated sprites with various settings, scrolling background

Hit (collision) x3 , key read x3

Parallax side scroller with warrior

 Game concepts:

Slot machine

Pinball machine


AmigaOS3.x, AHI, RTG 16-bit, CPU 100+MIPS for speed, 20+MB Free RAM, AmiBlitz3

As usual don't expect a AAA stuff, it's done in AmiBlitz3


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Hi there. This looks interesting. Do you use the dbl_display Includes from AmiBlitz? As I think I found an annoying incompability between these  includes and the newer (icomp-)P96 versions (and I‘m pretty sure ist’s P96‘s fault) I would like to hear about your experience regarding this. 

Maybe you could provide working executables of your examples to test them?

Thanks for your work so far. 


I use Picasso96 from 1999 and dbl_display includes, I have noticed some bugs like rotate among others. There is a executable in the folder, just run it.

Is the executable in the folder that I have to buy or can I test it (the executable) before I buy the templates? Sorry, I can't find it anywhere, maybe I'm just blind. And sorry that I asked if you used the dbl_display includes - I just saw the screenshot of the source - that would have answered the question ;). 

Ok, so you use an "old" version of P96. I found out that the invisible color on objects in fact isn't invisible anymore on more recent versions of P96. Have a look at the example-code:

This example is from P96 3.3.2. It does work with P96 2.4.4. I don't have versions between those two to check when the change happened.

I would gladly buy your templates as I really want to support such things and I also want to code rtg-games. But if the latest P96 is (and maybe stays?) buggy I won't waste my time with this approach. Of course I already informed icomp about this issue and hope that it will be resolved.  I don't want to go back to old P96 because I really like the draggable screen ;).

Let me know how it goes with the invisible problem, yeah executable is in archive that I'm selling!

If you run a RTG game, noticed any invisible problems ? They have to fix this... unless something has been changed and Blitz needs a update