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32se NEXT

This is not an another third party cooking distro! I've put a lot of time on programming unique functions you will not find anywhere else !

Who is this for ? The guy that dreamed a cool and fast 68k Amiga with RTG, the ability to enjoy the old school stuff, just to click on a demo/music disk to enjoy what Paula sounds like gives the thrills ! 32se NEXT stays true Amiga with a touch of  presence

This is a upgrade for AmigaOS 3.2.x, I think it makes it more useful and fun, I'm trying to avoid apps that doesn't work or prone to crash, more is not always better ;-)

If you give it time and get the way 32se works you notice this is not bloatware, you are in control and can pretty much strip it down to clean OS. The main driver here is a theme controls almost all, you can switch between "bloatware OS" to "minimal OS" in seconds ;) Yes you can have all the fun!

There is a structure in 32se... 
 Apps contains apps, games, demos ect. Delete if you want
SYS:System contains all system apps running, add more if you like
SYS:AmigaOSse contains all 32se code inclusive Themes and all, Accounts are in SYS:Storage  

• Menu tools Apps, Favorites

• Accounts 1-5

• Language (English,Swedish) Easy to add new one! 

• Files Iso, lha, zip, rar, lzx, fw, mod, sid, med, dms, sna, z80 is recognized & executed, just click on icon, DMS is converted to ADF output on same path

• Theme system with 4 types of themes


        Day/Night, set time for the switch

        BIG , set timer for the switch

        RND , set timer for the RND

• Create New Theme

• Create "Theme Icons" for Theme Launcher

• Easy Import/Export Themes (share your Themes)

Themes in deep

 A theme is like a new system install or config so to say...

 You control what a theme contains      

Boot pic, Audio boot clip, wallpaper(s), window pattern(s), Fonts, Workbench, Palette, IControl, Pointer

A theme also has own WBStartup and is called TWBStartup, it's up to you what you trow in there, there are some archived apps to start with, you can add own

 Auto open a drawer , ScreenTime , NewMeter , LimpidClock , QDockLE , WBDock2 , Easter , DockBot , Executive , Matrix , Ripple , PowerWindows , BlitzBlank , Altabber , ChangeExp , RunScript , Desktop Icon placement, 32seToolsMenu, MagicMenu, PowerWindows, VisualPrefs, FullPalette + more




Installer allows you to skip installing settings files it be like an update instead!


32se is split to 2 zip files, first one contains files done by others! This is the FREE part (32se lite, you need to DL this as well from 32se lite page here on itch.io). 

For 32se to work, you do need  FS-UAE / WIN-UAE / Amiberry with 128MB RAM. 68030 CPU (no FPU required). Also Glowicons, CPU library's, Wallpapers, modules installed from AmigaOS3.2 CDROM

Real Amiga is not official supported by 32se , don't own a real Amiga anymore, also note that there is no network software installed like Roadshow, UAE doesn't need it. Should run on Amiga if requirements are met.

Apollo Vampire V4sa, Use ApolloBoot OMNI R9.1 install 

Only specific emulator files is the monitor driver Devs/Monitors/uaegfx + 4 uae... files in C: 

Recommended CPU 68040/060 w. FPU & 256MB RAM, RTG 16MB.  1GB HDD, Formatted with Trashcan.

Does not contain AmigaOS3.2.x

iGame(WHDL) does not contain games/Amiga KickROMs

The word NEXT in 32se NEXT is  just  to  indicate  new  generation  from v7.00  and  forward, old stuff won't work as intended ! 

Updated 22 days ago
Release date Feb 28, 2023
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Hello everyone, I have a problem here, I can't correctly install version 7.xx, it always goes wrong, when booting it pops up in the shell saying "LoadModule failed returncode 10"

Where am I wrong, can you help me please?

Hi, You have to install all from CD rom OS3.2, it means after running installer, rebooted, run installer again, choose glow icons and install, run installer again choose "cpu modules?" don't remember correct name but you see something CPU related and this is the modules and install., then make a backup before continue with 32se ;) 

If you get "install Modules first" then in CDROM there

is a /adf/ModulesA1200_3.2-adf diskette, double klick

copy from diskette c to sys:/c Loadmodule command

I would still guess it's cpu libraries that's not correct or not installed

Hello there. I have version 7.40 installed and I would like to update it to the latest 7.61. What do I have to do?

backup all first, then run disk 2 only and follow instructions as they come. since jump is pretty big I would run both discs full install, but save first all things you added and full backup you never know what's missing util you need it ;)


Ok. Thanks a lot 

Will this work on a resolution of 1280x1024


Is it just me? IBrowse doesn't start after 7.50 update.

There is an empty splash screen for a second and that's it. :(

Did a clean install with fresh downloaded v7.50 without luck. :(

try out 7.56 let me know how it goes....


Again a big thank you! 👍

(1 edit)

Try again ;) Thanks for the input !!!! Let me know how it goes!

YES, no problems switching Themes. It's perfect now!

can U import themes too ?

IGame is asking for volume BIG at first start. What I'm missing? ;-) 

Maybe you could include MUI 3.9 as this version squeezes a few bugs and deletes some unnecessary libs: https://github.com/amiga-mui/muidev/releases/tag/MUI-3.9-2015R1 

It's tested with my BIG drive hmmm ;), MUI 5.0 on 32se release tonight around CET20.00

(1 edit)

Hello there. I have the following problem when trying to install fresh and then a full clean 32SE. After installing the lite version first and trying to reboot I get the “please insert volume BOOT on any drive” . 

Just as an info I try to install the vampire version when prompted. The sequence I follow is the following: Clean install of 3.2 then 3.2.1, then 3.2.2 and the the hotfix. After that I install Picasso96 and sagadrivers. Then I install the 32se disk 1 and all is messed up there. 

An older version of 32SE installs fine but not the latest one I try since last night.

Any ideas why? 

(4 edits)

It's intended for OMNI ApolloBoot manager

edit startup-sequence and put this as first line on top

Assign >NIL: BOOT: RAM: 

Both disc 1 & 2 has been updated with the fix!!!

Hi there. Just tried your new files uploaded a few hours ago with the boot fix in them and the problem is still there.  I opened tour SS from this new file and I can see the fix (Assign >NIL: BOOT: RAM: ) but it doesn’t solve the problem on boot. I still get the same message 

(1 edit)

How is AOS3.2 installed, with what tool or is it hard install? I've just got my first Vampire V4sa and I'm in learning mode ;) Why not use OMNI? ( renamed BOOT: got the error on boot, added Assign and BOOT request was gone, I don't know what todo more, OMNI ApolloBoot install works)

I don’t have V4. I have V1200 card on my Amiga. 

The lite installation creates 2 issues. It is missing icon library and remlib in the first boot. I needed to add those by hand. Also the boot issue is there still despite the new files. The if argument in SS doesn’t work. If I comment out the if argument and I just type Assign >NIL: BOOT: RAM: , I manage to boot. 

(2 edits)

Did requester for BOOT: disappear ? 

OMNI ApolloBoot installer actually adds icon.library amongst other files...

Thank you very much for all the cool updates.

However, after every update my QDock is overwritten by QDock Light and I have no idea where to find QDock and my old settings.

For now I'm using WBDock and hope all settings will stay after an update.

Also Utilities I installed are wiped away after updating eg. AmiWeatherForecasts was added to user-startup and now missing after updating to v7.38.

I choose "update" btw. ;-) 

I'm on an MacBook Pro M1 Max running AmiBerry

Looks cool, yeah the updater only thinks as 32se sort of, the system itself is small, backup like system, s, wbstartup folders or all workbench if you have room for it and add back what was overwritten. QDock folder is in system folder, backup and put back after a update ;) I'll see if there is a improvement for next update to be made!

(3 edits)

Next update should keep all QDock settings and app intact+other dock etc.

I see you got the WBDock loaded in correct way, nice you found my latest invention ... all Themes has own WBStartup

and thanks for the notice!

I have issues in the dock , it is black and some icons inside the folders are only points with the name. After updating to hotfix os from hyperion

It overwrites icon.library and startup-sequence, best result is to install new OS3.2 with all updates and then install 32se

ok thank that was my thought i will let you know when i have time to install it.


Yes it works!

(1 edit)

I have published this winuae configuration file to make run the fuil os, it worked for me only with a little glitches in the qdock when moving up a windows over the qdock. It can be you make it at the perfection state so it is free for amigans community. I ask your permission to mantaine this file in itch.io here the link https://matteo-trevisan.itch.io/winuae-amiga-os-32se-full-version-working-config...

That's OK, there is a tutorial on both winuae & fs-uae on my youtube channel

ok great!

After I installed disk 2 of 2 on my mint AmigaOS I get this error. Before that it tells me that it can't find Fonts/Topaz/11.

Any idea? 

if you name boot drive AmigaOS same error ? I've tested clean install 68040/68060 and no errors. Haven't tested with less CPU.

Ok new try. This time with AmigaOS as boot drive gives different error messages.

I run AmigaOS 32se on AmiBerry on my MacBook Pro emulating a 040 cpu.

(1 edit)

It actually sound like you have not installed CPU libraries from OS3.2, you start installer again after OS install and continue install CPU, Icons ...

I haven't tried AmiBerry but it runs very well on FS-UAE / Mac

I already installed Glowicons and CPU libraries but after Disk 2 I got the errors mentioned above. The wood theme will load: I can resize the AmigaDOS window that said "wbrun is not executable" to see it. The theme music is totally distorted and no icons show up when I open the AmigaOS window. All OS 32se features in the menu bar are missing.

However, disk 1 works out of the box.

Do you have a hint what's going on or should I stop trying and move to FS-UAE?

(1 edit)

You are running ROMs ?, give FS-UAE a try, just run the HDF as it is as first try. I did a test on install files just to be sure and they work as intended.

Where do I place my ibrowse key so all users can use registered ibrowse.

for some reason I cant snapshot my desktop drives or ram disk either


Looks like you need to put the key in every user IBrowse main folder, there are in storage, turn off security if set so you can access all users at same time. 

In startup-sequence somewhere more to the end there is a line containing ShowIconL, remark this line and you can snapshot desktop icon placement again.

Thanks for the reply and a fantastic project.

I have the Admin Account and i user account and i placed the key in both and it still comes up as demo version.

thanks for the snapshot tip :)



Path may vary, number 1-5 accounts, Amiga = username

Key should be in IBrowse folder

You can also try s: and would be simpler if it works from there, I do not have a key so it's a guess

Will try all accounts


I can confirm that they key needs to be placed in admin and any active user apps/ibrowse folders but also in templates and guest folders too


Can I run WB3.2 Se in real amiga 1200 with vampire icedrake or A1200 pistorm?

Thank you

(1 edit)

If it behaves like a real Amiga and you have enough power 020+ recommended min 040, there is nothing special in coding, if not run on UAE you loose one function, shut down. You will need to replace in devs monitors UAE picasso driver and install something that works with Vampire / pistorm, I've seen people do this with success but since I'm only on emulation I can't help that much and can't guarantee anything ;)

QDockLE that's included requires RTG, this can be disabled / replaced by WBDock2 and you do this in Theme settings

You do need ROM 3.2 and WB 3.2 ...

(1 edit)

I bought 3.2se V4.12 before, how can I update to new version V6.69?

Thank you

(1 edit)

It's v6.70 ;) I'm not itchio pro but you should se a library what you bought and go by that link, if you changed account you need to buy it again. If this was not helping try faq/help

I don't understand, do you have guide that What can I do?

Thank you

(1 edit)

I do not ! Go in your account / my library  / things you own

scroll to 32se and use Download button, you will also need to DL "32se lite" that is the first disk

(3 edits)

Hello again

I own the 5.07 version of 32SE and a few days ago I purchased the newer 6.69 version. The issue I am having with the 6.69 version and I had similar issues in the past (except with version 5.07) is the following: everything goes fine with the installation and it loads perfectly and runs smoothly but refuses to save any extra apps or tools I add or changes in SS or US and ultimately it becomes useless because I can’t customise it at all. You copy files with Dopus or edit something with text edit and save it and then when you reboot nothing is there from what you did. Also I noticed that the HDD led is working/flashing every half a second or so even though the Amiga is idle. There is either a huge delay in writing data on the HD or it doesn’t write at all. It is worth mentioning that these things are happening only after installing the second zip file which adds all the extra stuff and it doesn’t happen if you stop at the first zip file and run the Lite version. Strangely enough those things don’t happen in the only full version I run which is the 5.07

Also it is worth mentioning that this behaviour happens even when I load the same HD to WinUAE and run it from there. 

My system is a vampire V1200 with roadshow. I run on it super stable and smooth all kind of different installations from 3.1 to to 3.2.1 to Amikit XE to ClassicWB to Coffin and also all your Lite versions. I use pfs3 19.2 in all my installations and the same HD (CF cards) with no problems whatsoever. Also if I format the same HD that your Full version 6.69 is, and then install any other Amiga OS distro, it just works fine with no issues at all. 

I am the same guy that we spoke yesterday about the QDock issue. I attach a photo of the only full version that runs fine here.

I'll check!

New version uploaded, it leaves your CF in rest ;) it is a common problem with CF that it tries not to write right away and buffer it to save writing cycles that will kill the CF at some point, try new version and see if it works better ;)

Hi again

Thanks a lot for the quick action. Will try it right away and let you know

Hello again. The new version 6.70 indeed fixes the problem and I can now customise further the system. Saves fine and HD led flashes only when the disk is actually working. Thanks a lot. I am investigating further and let you know if something else needs fine tuning!! 

Cool ;) go and grab QDock 1.51 as well !!!

Hello friend,

Is there any tutorial that teaches how to install the new themes?


From 32se Menu  Instructions / Themeshare

look at import ;)


After installing this application on OS3.2, two error screens appear saying " command returned 5/1: program not found" how do I end this problem?


to get errors  you probably doing something wrong, check your emulator settings, cpu, memory, ect.

Also as mentioned you need todo more than just install OS3.2, there is also cpu support, modules that needs to be installed, If you dig into my Youtube channel there is a install video on that I think. they are all included on OS3.2 CD


got working on mister installed via winuae first though 

Cool, what cpu do you have on your pc, I see sysinfo gives drooling high numbers ;) 


13.69 mips on MiSTer probably 5000 mips on 3800x ryzen 9


Latest 4.24 works great with 3.1/3.1.4 rom, thanks. I have some issues related to installing newer Picasso96 and other cards. If i clean up prefs drawer, save snapshot of all windows, reboot, then prefs drawer appears unchanged as before doing clean up and snapshot. Does 32SE or themes change the prefs drawer?


Sorry. Never mind, I'm using a ide to SATA with a SSD on a real Amiga and this has some obscure delay for writing changes to disk, which seems to be the issue

Nice to hear you have a good control on Amiga behaviour ;)

Only some icons are links instead of prefs app in prefs. DockBot was not 100% friendly with OS3.2, switching dock removed a lot of problems, I'm using 4.24 daily and have no issues at all ;) 

Wbdock works great. I have been using 32SE V4.24 on my A4000D with ZZ9000 for almost 24 hours now, it runs flawless 👍☺️

(1 edit)

That's cool ;) , cpu ?

68060 50mhz on a Cyberstorm PPC


(2 edits)

hi, I have watched the YouTube video. how do I get the install disk images on the desktop of my workbench? I have an Amiga 1200 with Amiga 3.2 os.

I am a newbie :)

(2 edits)

I do not have real Amiga anymore, so therefore 32se is officially only for fs-uae, win-uae. amiberry. It's hard for me to help here... unpack both zip files, keep them as they are 2 folders, copy these folders over to Amiga, doesn't matter where you put them (no need to be on desktop), and run 1 & 2 installers after this you better set screenmode because it's overwritten with a RTG resolution, then reboot. And how you get the files to Amiga?, you have the A1200 so you probably have some way todo this?!

Right Installed V.4.2 on a Vanilla 3.2os install...P96 V1.3.2 and Warp DataTypes....Very nice Update....Working well with the Themes....love all the options available....one theme did give me a boot loop...the one with 32sePal in the name...It would be nice to be able to Locate the Demos to another location as i got "disk full" errors....But overall Very nice indeed.


Cool, AmigaOS3.2Pal think you have to just set again screenmode 640x512 and save to theme. You can move all inside Application folder, just edit user-startup for some of the apps has assigns.


Custom PiStorm theme is working well so far....loving 3.2se 


(1 edit) (+1)

Does this purchase cost allow me to download future versions, or just the one listed?

(1 edit)

At least v4.0 is included :) I'm pretty sure to do more free updates


Sounds fair!

(1 edit)

I don't wan't to promise too much. I like to overdeliver, give good value. You are first to know that v4.1 is in planning ;)