AmigaOS 32se v5.99

Hi All,

1 Year Anniversary! 

Early release, I haven't found any error so I hope all is ok and releasing it a bit earlier.

Some of the new stuff is BIG Theme, 10 wallpapers & 10 window papers looping (StarWars Theme only wallpaper is set)

Language support, English & Swedish. You can add own.. read in instructions

Remade clock system, all is handled now in Theme Manager & has 3 clock options + disable

Remade Theme clock (was Day/Night clock) and is used on Day/Night + BIG Themes, the clock is running on these themes!

There is a lot more & I hope you find it a nice upgrade !


StarWars.lzx 32se BIG Theme 4 MB
May 24, 2022 56 MB
May 24, 2022 80 MB
May 24, 2022

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