32se v5.30

Hi !

I'm been busy, some bugs found and fixed!

Many new features TinyLauncher(WHDL), screensaver, Delete all dock icons if you mess up something ;)

I've been over almost everything done changes here & there with the goal making it better,

Themes control more stuff, Eastern, BootPic. 

3 Themes has been loaded with own Bootpics & other settings ... try them out


A1200HD.lzx 32se Theme 895 kB
80 days ago
Painted.lzx 32se Theme 7 MB
80 days ago
Win11-1080p.lzx 32se Theme 2 MB
80 days ago
32se_1of2_install_v5.30.zip 57 MB
80 days ago
32se_2of2_install_v5.30.zip 82 MB
80 days ago

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